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Ticket Guarantee Protection

Selecting the Ticket Guarantee Protection means you get a full refund of airfare & taxes should the airline you’re travelling with be liquidated.

International travel: SAR 39.00 per passenger

Domestic travel: SAR 39.00 per passenger

Prices include VAT

How it works

Simply select “Ticket Guarantee Protection” on the flight review page when making your booking.

The Ticket Guarantee Protection is valid for customers who have purchased tickets with an airline that has cancelled their flights due to liquidation (according to United Arab Emirates legislation or equivalent processes with other government jurisdictions).

The amount payable in compensation is as follows:

  1. If the airline you are flying with is liquidated before departure, your airfare will be reimbursed in full or…
  2. If the airline you are flying with is liquidated after your journey has begun you will be reimbursed for the cost of the flight home (or for a new ticket equivalent to the original for that part of the journey).


Travelstart will have no liability to pay any benefit in relation to any insured event for which the insured person may be able to seek compensation from an airline. If the insured person proves that he has taken all reasonable and necessary steps for claims from the airline, Travelstart will pay a pro-rata portion of the benefits. Travelstart’s liability will be calculated by reducing the benefits by the amount for which Travelstart considers the airline to be liable.

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